Why mytime4writing?

Several years ago I attended a writing workshop and received the best piece of advice ever. We were told to write just 100 words a day. To sit down at whatever time suited us (mine’s usually about 6.30am) and to just begin writing. Some days it would be little more than a ‘to-do’ list, others it would be a short story but, as Mao is reported to have said, every journey starts with a single step.

I’ve now written dozens of short stories, a radio play and a crime novel, all waiting to be published, but the workshop advice has taken me there. This blog has been set up for times when I’m stuck, on days when I should be writing and don’t know what to put on the page. Perhaps someone will read it? With luck someone might even enjoy it. But most of all it’s for me.

UPDATE: The first crime story, A Shadowed Livery, was published in 2015, a second and third in the series are to be published in 2019.


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    • The novel is ‘A Shadowed Livery’. It is set in late 1938 when Inspector James Given is sent to investigate the murder of a young man by his mother, who then apparently turns the gun on herself. His fiancee returns home and then she too appears to have committed suicide. But it’s never as straightforward as that, is it? There’s the opening chapter, in draft, under the ‘My writing’ menu. See what you think.

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