My word, he’s got it!

The last month has seen an idea stewing. It’s been how to resolve the key clue in the mystery. I’ve had some help, and lots of suggestions, but it didn’t crystalise until the weekend. I spend an hour most Friday’s in a special coffee shop in Killybegs where, over tea and scone, I try to put my errant thoughts in order. Notebook in hand I’ll scribble ideas and sometimes it pays off. Last Friday worked – there must have been something in the scone. If this book is ever published that coffee shop will have a dedication; it’s been almost as much inspiration as any of the reading I’ve done or workshops I’ve attended.

UPDATE: A Shadowed Livery was published in 2015 and did carry a dedication to the wonderful Mrs B’s Coffee House in Killybegs, County Donegal.

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