Getting it finished

Promised myself and my potential publisher I’d have the redraft finished by Christmas with head down and hard work. Slipping a disc doing something not in the least energetic put paid to that plan. On my back for two weeks and then unable to sit at the computer for very long meant works was more or less shelved.

A present of Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ on the Kindle helped get me motivated and working again. I don’t agree with everything King says but he does make you think about your approach to the task. He says his own target is 2,000 words a day, every day,  until first draft is finished, usually three months. He suggests 1,000 a day with one day a week off for beginners. I’m happy with 2,000 words in a day – but every day? Wish I had that much creativity in me.

Anyway, this new found zeal resulted in the novel redraft being sent to both publisher and two agents yesterday. Fingers crossed.

Oh – and I also started work on the next novel using Microsoft OneNote to help with the planning. Any tips most welcome.

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