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I’m musing over a villain I want to dispose of and can’t decide between a number of options. This bad guy isn’t the main one in the novel, though he’s caused quite a bit of trouble for our hero, a police inspector, let’s call him Henry,including kidnapping him and attempting to kill him.The options are:

  1. Henry chases bad guy (henceforth known as BG) in car, resulting in fatal crash for BG;
  2. Henry chases BG through derelict building and floor/balcony collapses and he falls to his death;
  3. Henry chases BG through new building and he runs into electric cable, frying him;
  4. Henry discovers BG setting a fire in an arson attack, chases him and BG becomes trapped and incinerated;
  5. BG is attacking someone and their son (or other protector) kills him.

Just typing it out helps me see my preference. What’s yours?

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