Category: Writing Tips

  • Researching for a novel

    I’ve just signed up for a session at Stratford Literary Festival, intriguingly entitled ‘The Gory Details: Researching for Crime Writing‘. I’ll be doing a reading and signing there of A Shadowed Livery the previous day so thought it would be good fun to look in on this one. Writing any kind of novel probably requires […]

  • How I found a publisher

    This isn’t a ‘how to’ guide, I wish I had the trick, it’s just a quick run-down on how I went about the task and was lucky enough to be successful without too many false trails. There are 114 million results to ‘finding a publisher’ on Google, so there’s no shortage of advice. Try putting […]

  • Burning enthusiasm

    Having spent the last hour or so stoking a bonfire, getting rid of old files, with Paloma Faith on the iPod, I drifted into that sublime state of contentment where the world doesn’t get any better. My thoughts wandered firstly to all the work which had created this mass of paper; all the people I’d […]

  • On writers’ groups

    One night every week I go to a writers’ group, my literary therapy. There’s eight or nine usually attend and it’s a mix of chat about the small world that is South West Donegal, books, TV, and anything else that takes our fancy plus we share our writing. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging but […]

  • Edit, and aids to editing

    This morning, which brought the first frost, is to be spent like most mornings for what seems like the last year, revising. No, not revising for exams but revising the structure and content of a novel I thought I’d finished last Christmas. A jolly tale of three deaths in the Warwickshire countryside before the outbreak […]

  • Why mytime4writing?

    Several years ago I attended a writing workshop and received the best piece of advice ever. We were told to write just 100 words a day. To sit down at whatever time suited us (mine’s usually about 6.30am) and to just begin writing. Some days it would be little more than a ‘to-do’ list, others […]