Charlie Garratt is author of a number of historical fiction novels, including four in the Inspector James Given series.

Historical fiction - A Shadowed Livery cover

A Shadowed Livery

Three people are dead at a Warwickshire country house. Inspector James Given doesn’t believe the accepted version of events and digs deep into the past of the Barleigh family. The first in the Inspector James Given historical fiction novels.

(James Given book 1)

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Historical fiction - A Pretty Folly cover

A Pretty Folly

Murmurs of war are rippling through Europe, and violence against Jewish people is on the rise, then Inspector James Given has a new murder case land in his lap.

(James Given book 2)

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Historical fiction - A Patient Man cover

A Patient Man

With the outcome of his previous case still haunting him, Inspector James Given is struggling to recover, and when he travels to Europe in search of his uncle, a complex case arises at home in Kenilworth.

(James Given book 3)

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Historical fiction - Where Every Man cover

Where Every Man

March 1940, and James Given has moved with his wife, Rachel, to start a new life in France, where a local woman dies under suspicious circumstances.

(James Given book 4)

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A Handkerchief for Maria

Maria sits by the bed of her comatose daughter, Alice.

When the doctor informs Maria the young woman has only a short time to live, she begins to tell Alice family stories, some true, some not, to make sense of the events which have brought them to where they are now.

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