Charlie Garratt turned to writing crime fiction after a successful career in the voluntary sector. But his love of crime novels goes way back to childhood and adolescence. Whether it be the Famous Five’s criminal investigations, science fiction detectives on distant worlds, or Wilkie Collins’ immortal The Moonstone.

Charlie believes there is something fundamental in crime fiction. The unravelling of a mystery, the search for truth, and the thrill of the hunt. All of Charlie’s detective novels offer these in spades.

He blogs, very occasionally, on writing tips, software, and his trials and tribulations as an author.

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Charlie has also written a family saga, A Handkerchief for Maria, based on research into his own family history.

Crime Novel 1 cover
Inspector James Given #1
Novel 2 cover
Inspector James Given #2

Novel 3 cover
Inspector James Given #3
Novel 4 cover
Inspector James Given #4

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