Tag: Detective fiction

  • Burning enthusiasm

    Having spent the last hour or so stoking a bonfire, getting rid of old files, with Paloma Faith on the iPod, I drifted into that sublime state of contentment where the world doesn’t get any better. My thoughts wandered firstly to all the work which had created this mass of paper; all the people I’d […]

  • Give me that old time detection

    A few nights ago I watched a thriller on TV where a couple were being tracked via cell locations where their mobile phones had been used. I made a mental note to read up on the technology. Earlier, the police had triangulated phone records to link three people of possible interest. The case was finally […]

  • Getting it finished

    Promised myself and my potential publisher I’d have the redraft finished by Christmas with head down and hard work. Slipping a disc doing something not in the least energetic put paid to that plan. On my back for two weeks and then unable to sit at the computer for very long meant works was more […]

  • Confusion

    Revisions again today. I can only do so much at a time without having to lie down in a darkened room. It’s all very well deciding to move a scene from one place to another, but then any subsequent and consequent action needs to be changed. Keeping track of this is killing me. I don’t […]