A Shadowed Livery

Please note that due to a transfer of publishing rights A Shadowed Livery will not be available in digital format from May 2018 until early 2019. The print format will remain available for a little while then re-issued by my new publisher, Sapere Books.

In the dying days of September 1938 the murderer of a Jewish shopkeeper is hanged in Birmingham. After witnessing the execution, Inspector James Given, who brought the killer to justice, is surprised to find he has been taken off the investigation into attacks on Jews to pursue a very different case. Two people have been found dead in the grounds of a Warwickshire house: it seems clear that Lady Isabel Barleigh has shot her disabled son on the eve of his wedding then turned the weapon on herself. An hour later his fiancée, distraught with grief, committed suicide. The case has been all but closed; Given doesn’t believe this version of events and, with the local policeman, Constable Sawyer, begins to dig further into the past of the Barleigh family. Meanwhile, Given’s own past – his very nature, hidden from all – begins to catch up with him. A complex mystery about identity, deceit, and past crimes. Inspired by a true story.

Publisher: Holland House
ISBN: 9781909374904

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Wild Atlantic Words

A pocket watch frees a young girl from an unhappy vocation. Something strange frequents the dance halls of the fifties. A motorist catches a glimpse of giants on a journey through Barnesmore Gap.

In this collection you will discover tales as diverse as the rugged Donegal landscape that has shaped its people over the centuries. Seven authors* have crafted themes of emigration, love, loss, friendship, and the supernatural to reflect life hard up against the Wild Atlantic coastline.

These stories provide a unique insight into a part of Ireland where people once gathered around turf fires to indulge in their love of storytelling, a craft which lives on through MEAS Writers today.

Publisher. Bunlacky Press
ISBN: 9780993178429

*MEAS Writers is : Darren Gallagher, Ann Garratt, Charlie Garratt, Marie Hannigan, Sally Neary, Clarrie Pringle and Malachy Sweeney.

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