This blog is a result of my wonderings and wanderings, I hope you find something useful in here. Let me know.

Writing tips and ideas

See the tips and ideas I’ve picked up along the way

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My Writing Journey

The highs and lows of my writing life.

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Random Thoughts and Rants

I’m only human. These are my random thoughts on writing and the world in general

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Why Am I Writing?

Several years ago I attended a writing workshop and received the best piece of advice ever. We were told to write just 100 words a day. To sit down at whatever time suited us (mine’s usually about 6.30am) and to begin writing. Some days it would be little more than a ‘to-do’ list, others it would be a short story but, as Mao is reported to have said, every journey starts with a single step. Now I’ve written four novels – three ‘golden age’ crime novels and a family saga – so we never know where these steps will lead us.